Biotherapeutic Drainage

Drainage is the process of detoxifying the body by opening the emunctories and then discharging the toxic accumulations. However, in reality it is a much more complex process in that it provides a support for the natural progression and maturation throughout life.” Dr. Dickson Thom, DDS, ND


Utilized in Europe for over 70 years, Natural Drainage Therapy is a unique philosophy and methodology devised to eliminate toxins and regulate the proper functioning of the organs, tissues and glands.

Natural Drainage Therapy utilizes specific homeopathic remedies to encourage the person’s natural tendency to eliminate toxins. Different than detoxifying – which forces the body to release its toxins into the bloodstream – Drainage therapy enhances the already natural ability of certain organs to eliminate. With these remedies, drainage will occur at the cellular, tissue and organ levels.

In today’s world, an individual is faced with environmental toxins, dietary toxins (pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics), chronic stress, pharmaceutical drugs as well as many lifestyle habits (alcohol, tobacco, junk foods, drugs). The body is not capable of breaking down many inorganic chemicals and processed food thus these toxins get stored. As a result, waste begins to build up. The body may develop stones, tumors, skin conditions, ulcers, chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue… in its attempt to deal with the toxins. Natural Drainage Therapy is of primary importance in the treatment of acute and chronic disease.

“Physiology over pathology- any physiological system working in balance will out rule the presence of pathology”. ~ Dr. Gueniot

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