Facial Uplift Rejuvenation

The Chinese discovered that by pressing certain acupressure points on the face, there was a greater flow of blood and oxygen to the facial area.


Massage promotes a release of tension, a softening of lines, and toning and tightening of sagging skin, among other health-related benefits. This form of massage is not a “facial” but rather a massage-oriented treatment for the face; part of the treatment will include using a guasha tool with a light touch to help release facial restrictions and reduce swelling and inflammation.

The skin will appear brighter and more relaxed, rejuvenated, tightened and toned. All skin types will respond positively, since massage keeps the collagen and elastin fibers wet and warm, which encourages and stimulates their growth.

Facial Uplift Rejuvenation is not a substitute for necessary medical treatment.
(offered by Donna Jones)