Are you experiencing an acute injury, a sprain or strain?Are you suffering from chronic pain, a chronic pain condition or pain of a somatic origin?


Examples of common pain concerns we deal with:

  • • headaches/ migraines
  • • neck pain
  • • low back pain
  • • shoulder pain and mobility issues
  • • upper back tension and stress
  • • hip pain and mobility issues
  • • knee injuries or pain
  • • sprain and strains of joints and muscles
  • • car accidents
  • • dizziness
  • • extremity pain: plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel

Solutions for pain

Chiropractic care in our office is a gentle experience. Our doctor practices Network Spinal Chiropractic, Activator technique and uses gentle mobilizations.  Our focus is on your nervous system and helping it function normally and optimally. Chiropractic works wonders for all kinds of pain, acute and chronic. The alignment of your spine is crucial for proper functioning and optimal living - like having the wheels of your car properly aligned. Alignment of your nervous system is like having the power in your system able to reach every organ, joint and cell in your body.

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Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is wonderful for sore muscles, joints, and stress. It helps the body relax and assists with any physical injuries present.

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Acupuncture is renowned to help with pain of all kinds - acute and chronic.  When energy gets blocked in our meridian system, the build up can cause inflammation, degeneration and pain. Letting the energy flow properly through the body helps alleviate pain and increases healing. Acupuncture is also good to stimulate sprains and strains.

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